Tips to Remember When Making Your Winery’s Marketing Strategy

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With the Virginia wine industry booming and quickly making its way to the top 3 spot in the United States, it is almost silly to mention – BUT now is the time to be unique in your marketing, public relations, and marketing communications techniques if you are a winery. There is more competition, and keeping your brand relevant is more important now than ever before.

4 Effective Ways for Realtors to Use Social Media

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In today’s real estate marketplace, consumers are finding the homes before they’re finding realtors to work with during the home-purchasing process. Brochures, flyers, websites, newspaper ads, search engine optimization, and local real estate publications should all be used to attract these eager new homeowners, but how do you effectively use social media to attract them?


5 Reasons Why Trade Shows are Important to Organizations

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Trade shows, exhibitions and conferences are important to organizations and their professional staff. No matter the career discipline (e.g. marketing, sales, engineering, quality, etc …) trade shows, exhibitions and conferences can provide organizations with opportunities to meet specific goals and objectives. Whether an attendee or an exhibitor, there are benefits to being involved. Here are some of the important benefits of trade shows, exhibitions and conferences:

Are you using Facebook? You Should Be!

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Digital marketing is a crucial element in a company’s marketing strategy. Whether you are a small business downtown or a medium to large sized business, to grow, generate leads, generate sales and have a good brand reputation, your presence online is vital. One element of digital marketing and being online is social media. Within social media platforms, Facebook remains the largest product and social media vehicle for organizations to implement.