How to Successfully Use Facebook for Your Business

Facebook for Business

With the popularity of social media in today’s world, customers expect businesses to be active on social media. Most businesses have a Facebook page but are not using this feature to its full potential. With these tips and tricks, you can make the most out of your Facebook page to help customers and your business.

How to Avoid Copyrighting Pitfalls

Copyrighting blog post

It’s that dirty word that no one wants to talk about: Copyrighting. The term is engraved in our vocabulary from a young age. Remember in kindergarten when Suzy got in trouble for claiming Tommy’s drawing as her own? Copyrighting is still the same idea, except it can get a little—okay a lot— more complicated. Here are the basics that you need to know to help save yourself from a sticky copyright situation.

The PRIME Factory Welcomes Summer Interns

The PRIME Factory

On Wednesday, June 1, The PRIME Factory welcomed their 2016 Summer Interns.  This summer will be The PRIME Factory’s first semester utilizing interns. Each intern was selected based on criteria including motivation and drive, creativity, personality, commitment and overall understanding of the marketing and communications industry. The PRIME Factory looks forward to having young, innovative, and inspired students in the office this summer while the agency continues to grow their business, provide top-level service to their clients and, now, teach a new generation of passionate students the ends-and-outs of marketing, digital media and public relations.

Apparel Startups: A 5-Step Guide for Getting to Market Faster

Fashion Apparel Retail

Apparel startups are almost a dime a dozen thanks to sales channel such as Etsy, Amazon, e-commerce ready websites and simple transaction tools like the popular Square card reader. In a marketplace such as this one, how do you get to market fast and differentiate yourself from the competition? Here’s a 10-step guide for getting to market faster (pt. 1).