Public Relations is a Nonprofit’s Best Friend

Through public relations efforts, nonprofit organizations can raise awareness of their mission and values. However, nonprofits assign an average of just five percent of their budget to public relations campaigns. Although hiring PR consultants may be an added expense, an effective PR strategy can bring in more donations and raise awareness, making the investment worth the initial cost. So, what exactly is public relations and why is it important for non-profit organizations?

Why Your Business Needs to Practice Community Relations

Think of some of your favorite companies and brands – how do they give back to the different communities they serve? For example, does your local Chipotle celebrate “Teacher Appreciation Day” with buy one get one deals? Maybe you have brought canned goods to a large organization’s headquarters or picked a family off a tree during the holiday season. These are examples of community relations. However, when many organizations are asked how they participate in community relations, they give blank stares or misguided answers. That is because many people do not have a firm understanding of what community relations is, or the positive impacts it can have on business.

Stephanie Smith, Partner, Receives Accreditation in Public Relations


Stephanie Smith has earned her Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) as of February 2018. The APR is awarded by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and the Universal Accreditation Board to experts in the field of public relations. The APR credential certifies drive, professionalism, and principles demonstrating one’s leadership and expertise within the field.