SEO vs SEM: The Difference of the Two, and What Your Business Should Do

Small businesses often feel that they can get lost in search engine results because they are smaller than bigger companies that are offering the same products. Small businesses also struggle with how to increase their search rankings and often opt for advertising methods to get their name in search results. While this is helpful, this is not always the best way for a business to increase its chances of being on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing.


Could Your Business Survive Without Facebook?

The future of Facebook is murky at best right now. Will it go to a paid version? Will the user-base significantly drop? Or worse yet, will we wake up one day to a Facebook-less world? Although the last scenario is apocalyptic, your business should operate as though Facebook could disappear at any moment. More simply, if your business strategy relies solely on Facebook, your business would not be sustainable if Facebook dissolves or makes significant changes like the recent algorithmic changes made to business page content in user’s feeds.

What to Expect When Working with an Agency

Often times when small or growing businesses seek help from an agency, they’re not entirely sure what to expect from the working relationship. Client-Agency relationships require a lot of communication, collaboration and trust, and if the relationship proves to be a good one, both sides will benefit mutually and form a harmonious partnership. Here is what both sides of the relationship need to do in order to achieve pique performance.