Consumer Trust is Dwindling on Social Media

Facebook for Business
There is no doubt that in the era of “fake news” and misuse of consumer information by data mining companies, consumers have become less engaged with companies on social media. Facebook itself has even questioned its algorithm going as far as changing it to have business pages appear less in consumers’ feeds. This is evident in Facebook’s big marketing push right now on restoring the social site to what it was intended for—friends and family sharing information to each other.

Getting to Know PRIME Leadership: An Interview with Justin Ashwell, Managing Partner

From a young age, Justin has been a keen observer of his surroundings. He studied what people were doing and how they were doing it and took notes to implement things into his own life. This is likely why he’s so passionate about consumer experience and public communication. When he was in his high school English class, he would take the career tests. He’d always try to make sure he got marketing or public relations as the outcome. Since he was drawn to reality TV shows showcasing agency life in public relations, he wanted his career tests to affirm his belief that he was meant for life as a PR-pro. When watching shows like The Hills or Kell on Earth he was more interested in what employees were saying and doing like planning events and getting press coverage for clients. This part of the shows fascinated him.