Real Estate Blog Post

In today’s real estate marketplace, consumers are finding the homes before they’re finding realtors to work with during the home-purchasing process. Brochures, flyers, websites, newspaper ads, search engine optimization, and local real estate publications should all be used to attract these eager new homeowners, but how do you effectively use social media to attract them?

Here are four effective ways to attract new customers through social media:

Steady Organic Content to Increase Awareness

Organic posts on social media are a vital resource needed in order to sustain your follower base and increase the number of new followers you receive. Website content, blogs, events (e.g. open houses or seminars), housing market statistics, and of course, simple pictures and videos are a sure way to feed your followers what they’re looking for and attract new followers to your social media channels.

A lot of realtors tend to ask us what the magic number of posts per day or per week is. The question is easy to answer: there is no set number. A series of A/B testing should be done in the beginning to analyze engagement rates and click-through rates for frequency of posts, timing of posts, and the demographic of the followers that are responding to posts—all available from your insights tab within your social media accounts.

Facebook Targeting through Life Events

A lot of realtors tend to forget that Facebook can be a powerful targeted advertising tool. Beyond boosting your own posts, Facebook allows realtors to be able to directly target users who would possibly be looking for a new home. With the use of target ads through life events (e.g. recently married, recent college graduate, recently had a child) as well as other demographics such as age, gender, education level, income, and more.

With the addition of the Facebook pixel on your website, this influential tool becomes even more powerful in the fact that you now can target Facebook users that have visited a webpage or landing page on your website. The Facebook pixel can be utilized to increase conversions, mobile app downloads, newsletters and email signups.

Live Video Streaming Tours

A powerful and newer tool that is sweeping digital marketers and social media community managers is that of live streaming videos. Facebook now offers a live streaming feature for users, and the mobile app Periscope has become increasingly popular for live video streaming.

Live streaming is your chance to bring in your followers, outsiders, fans and industry lovers to view your current listing(s). Live streaming has become one of the best forms of social selling because of the viewer intimacy that is created. Use this live stream to give personal tours through homes and commercial properties, show them the fun you’re having at an open house, or if you’re heading up a conference or seminar live stream that as well for people who could not attend.

The power of live streaming comes from the instant notification to followers that you are live streaming on Facebook and Periscope, as well as the ability to share your live stream on Periscope to your Twitter followers and the rest of the Twitterverse. Your audience will feel that you are speaking directly to them combining the value of showing them the benefits and features of the home but at their convenience.

Videos that Inspire

Imagine this – the boys from the neighborhood are playing outside, running in circles, laughing as they pretend to defend their fortress from the bad guys. Cut into the kitchen. The parents are fixing dinner with friends – surrounded by smiles and giggles about the latest episode of Ellen while enjoying a glass of wine. And upstairs, the girls are dressed up as princesses twirling around the family dog dressed up as the royal pup.

These are the emotions you need to pull out of potential homeowners. We’ve all heard of ‘benefit selling’ over ‘feature selling’, and the use of short, 30-second to 1-minute videos are the perfect way of showing these prospects the benefits without having to directly convey them. The implementation of video within your social selling strategy is key to attracting clients, even more important since 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video (Syndacast).

By: Justin Ashwell, Partner