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Digital influencers and bloggers are taking over the fashion marketing scene. Customers are not responding anymore to advertisements in the ways they used to. These bloggers and influencers are creating a new way to advertise by reaching customers in a more engaging and informal way. Here are a few reasons on how these influential people can help your brand.

Reach Bigger Audiences

These bloggers and influencers have huge social media followings. They have millions of followers who will almost do anything they say. You just have to get your influencers talking. This will not only lead people to your website and social media platforms but it hopefully turns potential customers into actual customers.


Customers trust the people they follow. If a fashion blogger or influencer is telling their followers that your brand is great and they love it, the follower will do the same. Using these influential people help increase your brands credibility. Focusing on quality rather than quantity is key. You would much rather have an influencer who absolutely loves your brand post once or twice about it than someone who is iffy on your brand and posts thousands of times. Customers will notice the bloggers and influencers who are honest and truly love your brand.

Get Honest Feedback

If you have bloggers or influencers representing your brand, sending them some of your products so they can review and give you feedback is essential. They can give you honest opinions on why they love your products and what you can do to make them better. This love of your brand will show on their social media posts and potential customers will see the honesty behind it.

Visibility and Searchability

When influencers have chosen to use your product in a social media post or blog post, they are not only sending it to their direct followers, but they are sending it to the entire internet. In blog posts, this gives your brand and product a backlink which will help the overall SEO your website. Additionally, the keywords used in that blog post will allow searchers to find that blog post and potentially your product. On social media, the searchability factor comes into play with the use of branded hashtags being used – always have your influencer use your brand’s hashtag if you have one.

This only scratches the surface of why digital influencers are a must have for any consumer product brand. They are the face and voice of consumers and are trusted much more than advertising.

By: Jessica Fritz, Digital Media Intern and Justin Ashwell, Partner