Writing a press release that gets picked up as a story is an invaluable public relations talent. Here are 5 tips to a press release that is effectively eye-catching.

1. No Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

This may seem obvious, but a well-composed press release is one that gets noticed. Make sure your press releases have been checked for spelling, grammar and word choice before releasing them.

2. A Headline That Attracts Attention

A basic headline makes all writing read the same way, at a glance. When you write a press release, spark curiosity with a title that draws the eye of anyone reading it.

3. Provide Links to Additional Information

The release itself should only be a summary of the total information publicized, so when reporters follow up, provide them with an ability to do so. Link additional information as well as providing your contact information in order to give interested readers a way to find out more.

4. Be Concise

No one wants to read a press release that goes on for too long, or one that doesn’t get straight to the point. In the very beginning of the release, provide the key points presented by the statement, and limit the number of pages used to present the information.

5. Use Quotes

The use of quotes from an official or person relevant to the situation at hand adds immediate intrigue and legitimacy to a press release.
When the press reads a release that both keeps them updated and intrigues them about a potential lead on an engaging new story, you’ve done your job right. Make sure you craft your press releases with these tips in mind.