Every business, no matter the size, must utilize a comprehensive marketing strategy. But doing so can be a struggle for many small business owners as they try and juggle the many day to day tasks needed to keep the lights on. None the less the only way to get customers in the door is through marketing, but sadly a basic understanding of the tactics used in spreading your message won’t work on its own. Furthermore, there is no gimmick or trick that the competition is using that you’ve simply yet to discover, rather a proper use of the right tools. Here are 5 free marketing tools for DIY Small Business owners without large marketing budget.

Answer The Public

This tool offers valuable insight into the consumers mindset by telling you what questions they seek the answers to. Knowing this allows you to gear your content towards answering their questions, which in turn increases your SEO by having the best information for the issues the most people are concerned with.

Facebook Audience Insights

Marketing research can be difficult and time consuming whether you’re a large corporation, a well-known advertising firm, or especially a small business. But with Facebook Audience Insights’ plethora of segmenting options you too can have research driven content that’s more likely to succeed and yield a much more substantial ROI.


From Facebook to Instagram the importance of a strong social media presence for a small business is unmistakable. It allows anyone and everyone to spread their message to a massive audience previously reserved for those with the funds to buy TV spots. Hootsuite is the tool that makes managing all your social media accounts easier than ever. By offering the ability to post on multiple sites at once and keep track of analytics to tell you how your accounts are faring Hootsuite can become a DIY business owner’s most valuable asset.


If you’re interested in selling online MailChimp can help you accomplish just that. By automating your email marketing strategies this tool ensures that the right customers are getting the right emails at the right time. With the ability to target customers based on previous behavior and preferences you can be sure to spread the word about sales promotions and what’s new in stock in a way that will have consumers looking forward to your emails rather than opting to unsubscribe.


For those small businesses that are struggling to gain a share of the market held down by the competition SpyFu offers the answer. By gaining insight into the successful tactics of those who came before you, you can learn how to position yourself in a way that positively differentiates your brand from that of the competition.

By: Tanner Pote, Inbound Marketing and Sales Coordinator