At The PRIME Factory we focus on one thing to optimize our client’s marketing and public relations, and that is integration. We believe that a marketing campaign and public relations campaign without integration will not be as strong and should be utmost importance throughout all marketing efforts. This can be found in our own branding. You might think, what’s the PRIME in The PRIME Factory mean? Good question! With integration at the front of our brains, we looked at what our core competencies are: publicity, research, integration, marketing and engagement. Determining that integration is the foundation, or middle, of everything we do, the letters began to fall into place creating the acronym known as PRIME. And it just so happened that prime is also a place where we all of want our business to be; in it’s prime, and that’s what we’re here to help with.

Factory derived from our tagline: Designing Ideas. Producing Results. Where is something designed and produced? A factory. It was a perfect fit for us and our branding. And the rest is history. More on the root of P.R.I.M.E. is below.


Every organization requires good publicity for the organization to continue to grow, succeed and stay relevant in today’s vicious marketplace. At The PRIME Factory, we tailor your publicity strategy to best fit your business objectives while keeping public relations best practices and strategies in mind. PRIME publicity services includes pitching media, press releases, media relationships, new product and brand launches, brand awareness and reputation management.


Research is an important aspect in any marketing or public relations department to stay relevant in today’s marketplace. Research will boost the need of the customer you are trying to fulfill through your product and service, and thus, becomes a critical attribute in communications. Our research efforts tend to focus on lead generation, survey development and distribution, brand awareness research, marketing strategy research and feedback and analytic research, market intelligence, product-market fit analysis, ideation and innovation, and competitive analysis and benchmarks.


Production achieves higher success rates when all parts are unified and operating together. We take this approach when clients seek integrated marketing communications services. When we start mapping out the ideas in the beginning, we also have a vision such that when the production begins, our services are working together and complementing each other throughout the campaign so the client gets a bigger ROI at the end when results are delivered.


You want marketing, we’ve got it! From advertising to branding to merchandising to tradeshows and digital marketing, we can help you. Our marketing services will help you get your product or service to the intended target market you desire. We do this from a variety of services that include retargeting, direct mail, email marketing, social media, SEO and branding to name a few. Though each service represents an individual aspect of marketing, to have the biggest ROI, each aspect should work together in a fully integrated marketing environment.


Engagement drives success for business in today’s society. Engagement can boost your marketing efforts and drive brand awareness, and sits side-by-side with public relations. We provide customer engagement in a variety of ways including social media, public relations, community outreach and various events including professional development workshops for employees, new product launch parties, keynote speaker events, fundraiser events and others. To drive engagement through events, all client events are given their own marketing, public relations and advertising strategy.