Why Isn’t Your Apparel Brand Growing Online?

Apparel Brands Online
With the emergence and escalation of e-commerce apparel sales in the last 20 years, the internet has provided a place for small apparel brands to quickly turn internet users into customers. Many brands are quick to jump on the bandwagon, but stand dumbfounded and clueless when their brand is not growing online as they expected. There are several reasons to take into account when trying to figure out why your brand isn’t growing, including the following:

Using Cheap Automated Social Media Companies Isn’t Smart Marketing

social media marketing
Every small business owner can probably agree that they have been asked the question “Have you ever been contacted by a stranger promising cheap social media through an automation platform you’ve never heard of?” at least once in their career. In theory, this sounds great—automated social media posts that you don’t have to worry about taking the time to create yourself. In all actuality though, using these platforms is the opposite of what you should be doing on social media. Simply put, it’s bad marketing. Here’s why:

Is Public Relations a Practical Tool for Realtors to Use?

public relations
It’s a common misconception when realtors think that the only marketing communications tools that they can use to market their listings are print advertising, digital advertising and social media. Marketing communication opportunities don’t stop and end at these three popular tools in real estate marketing. It’s important to note that public relations is not just for large real estate firms—realtors can utilize local media to their advantage as well.

Where Are The Interns Now? Q&A with Emily McBride

The PRIME Factory

Emily McBride graduated in Spring 2017 with a bachelor of arts degree in public relations. Since then, she’s moved on from Blacksburg and The PRIME Factory to begin her career in the exciting field of PR and marketing. Now that it’s been 5 months since graduation, we’re catching up with her and finding out where she is now and what she’s doing!

Four Quick Reasons Why Media Relations for Apparel Boutiques is Important

Media relations is expanding now more than ever, and it is not a question of whether small businesses should be using media relations but rather how they are integrated this into their marketing. What exactly is media relations? Media relations is the process of creating relationships with press and media with the goal of utilizing those relationships to gain press coverage that keep your publics informed. Here are four reasons why you as a boutique should be utilizing media relations.