Organize Your Time with Social Media Scheduling

Social media calendar
Scheduling your company’s social media in advance cuts down on the day-to-day struggle that is gathering content, writing posts and perfectly timing everything on all of your social media channels. By doing a week’s worth of content at one time, you can ensure that your social media presence is uniform and all of your networks are integrated. Setting aside time in your work-week dedicated only to social media will give it the time it deserves rather than having to come-up with a tweet or Instagram post on your way out the door.

Make The Most of Your Personal Brand with These Tips

Personal Brand
You are more than just a number. However, with a stack of resumes filled with the same Microsoft Word template resume, you may seem like just another sheet of paper. How do you stand out in the competitive sea of highly qualified individuals? You create your own personal brand of course. Not a marketing professional? It’s okay, you don’t have to be. Creating your own personal brand doesn’t have to be complicated with these tips:


A Message That Matters: How to write content that is important to your consumers

With the digital world and today’s busy society, we are constantly being bombarded with messages. We wake up and our inboxes are filled with emails, turn on the TV and see advertisements and product placement and even see the messages of hundreds of businesses on our drive to work. All day long, it doesn’t stop. For this reason, messages must matter to consumers in order to leave an impact.

Grow Your Business with these Hacks

In today’s market place, it seems as though some start-up companies sky rocket overnight, while others fail to get noticed. Contrary to popular believe, the rapid growth that some businesses achieve is not due to luck. Instead, their seemingly quick success may be attributed to a strategic and technical tactic, otherwise known as growth hacking. This untraditional marketing tactic cuts marketing budget costs and increases business success.