How Wineries Can Utilize Simple Public Relations Tactics

Public Relations for Wineries
Virginia has come a long way in the wine making industry. Since the time our founding father Thomas Jefferson tried, and failed, at making grape spirits, Virginian natives have worked to perfect the wine-making process. Now, home to over 200 and wineries, the question becomes, “How to stand out as a winery?”

The Legal 411 for Breweries

Advertising Laws for Breweries

The legalities of owning a brewery include much more than checking IDs before pouring a brew. When it comes to getting your product into the hands, and most importantly, mouths of customers, advertising is your best friend. Unlike other products and services, the business of alcohol has more rules to follow than most, and because these aren’t optional you might as well get to know them and get to know them well; this will prevent many headaches and could help you to avoid major legal consequences.

How to Successfully Use Facebook for Your Business

Facebook for Business

With the popularity of social media in today’s world, customers expect businesses to be active on social media. Most businesses have a Facebook page but are not using this feature to its full potential. With these tips and tricks, you can make the most out of your Facebook page to help customers and your business.