Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Two of the top 10 companies with the best overall reputations are #4 BMW and #5 Daimler. This is interesting considering car manufacturers do not have the best reputations when it comes to areas such as their products being eco-friendly and the high costs of production. The secret for BMW and Daimler along with the other eight companies ranked on the list is the strategic use of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

CSR is a self-imposed way of business that organizations adopt to better their communities. This could be a restaurant donating meals to the local foodbank, an aquarium providing funding for ocean clean-ups or a fashion line using sustainable materials. The closer a CSR fits with an organization’s goals the easier it will be for your costumers to accept it and for it to have maximum benefits for your company.

Find a cause that fits with your product or means something to you personally. A company that does CSR well is Barefoot Cellar. As a new company it would donate product to charity functions that stood for causes they could get behind such as environmentalism and civil rights. Now that the company is popular, it is a partner with the Surfrider Foundation, which helps to protect waterways around the globe. These charitable acts fit with Barefoot Cellar because of its all-inclusive and beach-themed advertising it often uses. The consumers of Barefoot can feel even better about buying Barefoot wine when they know that the company is doing good in the world.

With over 88% of consumers saying that companies should achieve their goals while simultaneously bettering society, it is hard to argue with the importance of a good CSR. What’s the best way to implement CSR for your organization? Have a plan and a team that knows exactly how CSR will be expanding at your company. Also, let CSR be the place where new innovations are taken for a test-drive to see how well they take off. Most importantly, ensure everyone in the organizations feels the effect of your CSR and not just the team implementing it; CSR is just as important for company culture as it is for profit margins.

Helping others will help your business’ bottom-line and that makes everyone a winner.

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By: Kylie Rudder, Digital Communication Intern