Prospecting on LinkedIn for Lead Generation
LinkedIn: a place where professionals come together, share their skills, resumes and accomplishments; but it can also be a place to find some seriously good clients and accounts in the B2B industry. Here are five easy ways to prospect on LinkedIn:

1. Turn Your Company Page into a Lead Generation Page

Take advantage of your company page on LinkedIn and make it attractive, eye-catching, and informative. Start with creating a header image that is both attention-grabbing and clean. Use the biography section of your company to make a compelling and clear pitch to readers, and include a call to action. Finally, make sure your content is conversion-based, meaning, post regular updates that are aimed directly at your target market and focus the content for click-throughs to your website for information seekers.

2. Create a LinkedIn Showcase Page

Showcase pages are pages that are essentially child pages to your company’s main LinkedIn page. Use these pages to features a specific product or product line, strategic business unit, or service. By doing this you’ll be able to segment inbound LinkedIn traffic for the specific target market of the showcase page.

3. Use the Advanced Search Feature

This is where it’s time for a little prospecting work on your part. In this tool, you’re able to identify the exact people are you are searching for. For example, you can segment by name, title, company, industry, keywords, relationship, LinkedIn groups, and many more. Once you’ve found the people you’re looking for save the search and come back later or continue in the lead nurturing stage with the saved search feature.

4. LinkedIn Groups: Join Them, Make Them, Post in Them

With over 2,000,000 LinkedIn groups you’re sure to find one with the right customer you are looking for. The best part is if you cannot find a group, you can always start one and use that as a means to attract people into your sales funnel.

5. Use LinkedIn Publishing Features

Professionals have found LinkedIn Publisher as a tool of great power. Control content directly with LinkedIn Publisher, and attract people in your network and beyond. As always, write the content for your target customer.

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