Media relations is expanding now more than ever, and it is not a question of whether small businesses should be using media relations but rather how they are integrated this into their marketing. What exactly is media relations? Media relations is the process of creating relationships with press and media with the goal of utilizing those relationships to gain press coverage that keep your publics informed. Here are four reasons why you as a boutique should be utilizing media relations.

Differentiate your brand

Making sure your brand is different from your competitors is key to maintaining customers and momentum. While the apparel items you carry may do this, having press coverage that gets the word out on what your carry and offer will differentiate your brand from other competitors.

Educate the audience

Educating your audience is a critical aspect to successful press coverage. Educating them on why they should buy your product, trust your store and listen to your industry news will lead to better angles when pitching the media for coverage, and will also lead to more viewed coverage, which in returns brings more foot traffic in the door.

Build social audience

What’s the great part about press coverage today? The media puts their segments and news stories online too. This gives you placement on websites, blogs and social media platforms thus optimizing your reach. Utilizing their social media audience to gain followers is a good way to build your social audience. Sharing their coverage of your boutique and products to your social media accounts will add to your credibility online and boost engagement rates as well.

Consumers are influenced by people they trust

Customers are heavily influenced to purchase something more from a person they trust than a brand that is unknown. This not only includes hearing from their real-life friends but also journalists, bloggers and influencers who voice their own opinions about brands. Building your social audience and earning their trust so you can influence their purchasing behavior is a must.

By: Dana Robinson, Marketing Communications Assistant and Justin Ashwell, Partner