Having a low housing inventory can be frustrating at times for buyers and realtors; from buyers being unhappy with the selection of houses to realtors spending hours on MLS trying to find the right house that just isn’t there. Increase your marketing efforts and find new ways to increase your overall inventory with these tips below.

Find Potential Sellers Through Facebook

Most individuals who are thinking about selling just need some guidance and push to get their house on the market. Your established Facebook following can be this push to get them to contact you by sending direct targeted ads to:

1. Individuals between the ages of 45-55. Their children are probably about to leave or have left the house and they might be looking to downsize.
2. Individuals who have been promoted, moved to a new job, or relocated to a new area. This might entice them to want a nicer or bigger home.
3. Past clients! I am sure they would love to work with you again.
4. People who have visited your website and you are able to track through a Facebook Pixel code
5. Buyers age 25 – 35 who may be first time homebuyers

This is a cost effective way to introduce or reintroduce your services to potential sellers. Be sure to make strategic ads that send your desired message to the viewer. If you have a specific demographic, such that you like first time homebuyers more so than previous purchasers, focus the majority of your advertising dollars on Facebook for that demographic only.

Tell Them What’s Happening in the Industry

Being a thought leader and providing your target audience with information on the industry will increase the likelihood of them working with you and putting their house on the market. Tell them about the positives and negatives of having an industry with a low inventory. Inform them of the comments you are receiving from your buyers about the lack of homes. Finally, give them the opportunity to make their own educated decision based off of the information you provide to them.

You can send this information to your audience in a few ways: developing a monthly or quarterly newsletter and sending it to your email list, writing a blog that can be presented on multiple channels and picked up through search engine optimization, or creating a video outlining the message you want to convey. These topics and distribution methods are great ways to promote your brand and increase your overall lead generation and listings.

Gloat in Your Successes!

Many realtors have a lot to gloat about throughout the fiscal year; let your audience know about your success to better position your brand for those who are thinking about putting their house on the market. Some topics to focus on when positioning yourself as a reliable sellers agent are the following:

1. Selling a house! It sounds obvious but some realtors get into the rhythm of selling that they forget about the benefits of letting their audience know about their recent accomplishment.
2. Fast turnover rate. Never let a great accomplishment go unnoticed. If you had one of your listings sell in record time, get recognized for it on your social media channels. This establishes you as a reliable listing agent that can get a home not only sold, but sold quickly.
3. Selling a house that has been on the market for a lengthy amount of time. This will let potential sellers know that you don’t give up on your listings and that you are there for them right down to the final contract.

By: Justin Jackovic, Account Specialist