Real estate has made a major jump into the digital media world due to consumers’ current need for easily accessible, on-demand information. Marketing within the real estate industry is no longer a pamphlet-and-go process; clients want to see digital inbound-focused campaigns full of rich content.

The facts and figures do not lie when it comes to how active online presence increases ROI for real estate agents. 70% of people prefer to get to know a company through online content over paid advertisements. That means it is crucial to not just be there to be there — be present and engaging. This means ensuring listings are always up-to-date, engaging with followers on social media, creating original content such as videos and blog posts, and more.

Today, consumers are buying houses they find online more than ever. 80% of homebuyers begin their house hunt by searching online for listings; 69% begin the search with a local key phrase. Homebuyers search for as many details about the listing as possible before touring in person, so including as much information about your listed homes will be beneficial.

We can’t stress this enough- traditional marketing will not cut it on its own in today’s society. Social media is a free platform that provides a far wider reach than traditional marketing. In fact, 93% of realtors use social media to some extent. Don’t fall behind your competition. Take advantage of the new opportunities to directly engage with potential clients or customers. Get online. Create and maintain a strong digital presence. We’re sure you’ll find success.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Inforgraphic

Text and Infographic by: Dana Robinson, Marketing Communications Intern