The next time you update your Instagram app, you might be surprised with a big change. If you have a Snapchat account, you’re probably pretty familiar with this “new” feature. Instagram has added a new feature that allows you to post Instagram stories. You can post a photo for up to 10 seconds that is available for viewing by your Instagram followers for up to 24 hours. Social media users have mixed feelings about this feature because they were already using the same feature on another platform. However, this feature is most likely here to stay. With this being a trending social media topic, two of the PRIME Factory’s interns gave their opinions on the feature.

Love it
I am totally for the new Instagram Story feature. It seems like a happy medium between Instagram and Snapchat. Here I can share the pictures I don’t necessarily want to clog up everyone’s Instagram feed with, but I want to share with a broader group than I have on Snapchat.

Snapchat is for moments I only want people that are close to me to see and are often funny; it’s definitely something I would not add people I work with on. Whereas on Instagram, I post cute pictures or ones that signify something big in my life; my posts are safe for all my followers. The audiences I keep for each definitely reflect what kind of content I am posting.

Now Instagram has allowed me to show quick moments of my life to my Instagram audience. Yes, what I post will be very different from Snapchat, but what I post on Facebook versus what I tweet is also very different because I know who my messages are going to.

Another great part of this feature, that has already been picked up on by some, is advertising. I follow lots of companies on Instagram and many have already figured out how to effectively use the Stories feature. Starbucks for example has a fun and cute story that makes you want to watch it all the way to the end.

All in all, these story features will serve different purposes and there is room for everyone in this part of social media.

By: Kylie Rudder, Digital Communication Intern

Leave it
After doing some research, I can say that I agree with the majority of the internet population and I am not a fan of Instagram’s latest feature. Snapchat, Instagram (and even Facebook) are separate social media platforms, each with certain features that distinguish them and makes them unique and relevant in the market. By Instagram copying one of Snapchat’s biggest features, they are trying to incorporate a popular feature that just doesn’t work for them. Yes, the story feature is great and many social media users including myself love it, but just because there is great feature out there, you can’t copy it and expect it to be successful in your business model.

Snapchat is extremely popular right now, especially with younger generations and the Story feature works for Snapchat and their platform. I don’t think it works for Instagram because users have different purposes for different forms of social media.

It all boils down to the fact that social media users use three main platforms right now: Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. They don’t have one super app that they use to meet their needs. They use three separate apps, each in different ways, to communicate, share and interact with the world around them.

By: Elizabeth Coakley, PR and Marketing Intern