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Digital marketing is a crucial element in a company’s marketing strategy. Whether you are a small business downtown or a medium to large sized business, to grow, generate leads, generate sales and have a good brand reputation, your presence online is vital. One element of digital marketing and being online is social media. Within social media platforms, Facebook remains the largest product and social media vehicle for organizations to implement.

Who should use Facebook within their social media strategy?

• B2B Manufacturers
• Product Distributors
• ‘Main Street’ Small Businesses – Retail fashion boutiques, jewelry stores, restaurants
• Professional Services – Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists
• Business Professional Services – Insurance Representatives, Real Estate Agents, Financial Planners
• Tourist destinations – Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries, Aquariums, Zoos
• And many others!

The importance and relevance of social media leader Facebook was emphasized with an article and statistics released recently. According to an article published by eMarketer, “The population of Facebook reaches 1.43 billion monthly users by the end of the year. That means if Facebook, which is reporting its earnings later this week, were a country, it would be one of the largest in the world. And it’s only getting bigger, with eMarketer projecting a monthly user base of 1.87 billion by 2020, the end of our forecast period.”

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The numbers within the article are staggering and should prove to marketers that social media, and more specifically Facebook, remains a viable option for marketing strategies.

Some marketing professionals  still ask the question, why: “I have a website and drive content so why should I use social media, more specifically why should I use Facebook?”

Here’s why: a marketing communications strategy is not complete without it. Organizations are missing advertising opportunities including targeted ad campaigns and website visits. In addition, they are not optimizing their brand building and they are missing chances of increasing engagement with their customers. Another benefit of Facebook is that it can reach an organization’s audience through desktop, tablet and mobile devices with the same content and advertising options.

The possibilities with Facebook extend more than most people realize. What can you do with it?

• Direct retargeting of website visitors through Facebook Pixel tracking
• Market segmentation based on demographics, life events, and behaviors for ads and boosted posts
• Increase traffic to your website and increase conversions, checkouts, sign-ups and event RSVPs by using the Facebook Pixel
• Create a conversation with current and new fan base
• Use Facebook Canvas for an interactive ad experience for the user
• Share website, blog, and user-generated content
• Increase your company and brand’s search engine optimization
• Utilize Facebook to show fans company news, philanthropic efforts, new merchandise, and other promotional and brand image items

Facebook isn’t the answer to everything and it definitely isn’t a ‘start and stop’ place of a digital marketing plan, rather Facebook should be one element within a social media plan and social media is only one element of a digital marketing strategy.

With Facebook’s continued growth and relevance, it is important to develop a strategy and implement today.

By: Ron Poff, Partner