With the digital world and today’s busy society, we are constantly being bombarded with messages. We wake up and our inboxes are filled with emails, turn on the TV and see advertisements and product placement and even see the messages of hundreds of businesses on our drive to work. All day long, it doesn’t stop. For this reason, messages must matter to consumers in order to leave an impact. Creating content that matters sounds like a daunting task but with these tips, you can make sure that the messages you send out matter to your customers.

1. RESEARCH! This critical step is the most important step. In order to develop what you customers want, you have to know what they are looking for. Research can be conducted several different ways
• Customer interviews
• Persona development
After interviewing a carefully selected number of clients, you can start to develop buyer personas. These allow you to dive deep into who your customers are and understand their demographics, wants, goals, objectives and desires.

2. Understand who you are. After you know what your consumers want, think about what your company stands for. Show consumers what makes your company unique and understand your brand’s story.

3. Create the overlap. Start with a brand audit of what content you have. See what you have that works and then see where you need to go. Brainstorm ideas and create a plan to implement. Be sure to develop content that fills in missing items from the audit and is useful to your consumers.

4. Distribute the content in the right outlet. Consider what format your audience would want to receive the content and consider which outlet is most appropriate for your message. For example, if you are developing visual content you would want to post it on Instagram or Facebook and probably not twitter. Consider creating videos and ebooks. Don’t get stuck in the rut always distributing your content through the same medium.

Regardless of how great the content you develop is, the simple fact is that if the message doesn’t matter to your consumer, they will not care about it.

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By Elizabeth Coakley, PR and Marketing Intern