Throughout the years, Instagram has grown into more than just cute selfies and “pretty” cups of coffee. At The PRIME Factory, we use Instagram to find inspiration. These inspirational accounts help us reach our personal and/or professional goals everyday.


Two words: Dog. Therapy. If you are having a bad day, petting or even just seeing a dog somehow makes us feel better. Their loyal companionship and unconditional love make for the perfect best friend. Dogs of Instagram is the perfect account to put you in a good mood all day. Scroll through thousands of cute dog posts and you are bound to find one that will make you smile or even laugh out loud. My friends and I are constantly sharing fun pictures and videos with each other from this account because it seems like every post keeps getting better and better. It has been scientifically proven that dogs can make us happier, so why not follow an account filled with photos of them? We can all use a little dog therapy to get us through the day every once in a while. – Courtney Morrill | Marketing & Communications Intern


Humans of New York posts pictures of individuals from all walks of life with some sort of quote or story that expresses who the individual is as a person. I love to read the quotes and look at the pictures because people truly become vulnerable and share small victories or stories of overcoming massive struggles. I find all the stories and quotes incredibly inspirational, whether a post features a young boy explaining why he is wearing a superhero cape or an elderly woman expressing what she has determined to be the meaning of life. Life is all about the stories and experiences, so getting a small look into other people’s personal lives is pretty cool! – Rosie Hutchison | Marketing & Communications Intern


One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is Gypsea Lust, a travel-oriented account run by a blogger named Lauren Bullen. Gypsea Lust mostly features photos of different locations all over the world that Lauren travels to. From Peru and Colombia to South Korea and Taiwan, this girl has seen it all. Although I haven’t been fortunate enough to see travel the world as much as I would like, I feel like I’ve gotten to somewhat experience the locations she travels to simply by visiting her page. The overall aesthetic of the account is absolutely gorgeous; the colors are rich and every photo flows together – no matter the difference in locations. Although I sometimes get a bit jealous of the fact that she has travelled to so many beautiful places around the world, I still love getting to live vicariously through her photos. – Megan Finkbeiner | Account Manager


Even in pictures, Paris is an inspirational city of fashion, architecture, food and history. If you’ve never been to Paris, like me, you can still find inspiration from this account. Warning: you will want to go travel to Paris every time you see a new photo is posted. This account features not only the historic architecture of the City of Lights, but also yummy parisian food in addition to the occasional fashion and art posts. Go follow Paris now and fall in love with this bustling European city. – Justin Ashwell | Managing Partner


WGSN is a trend forecasting company that focuses on lifestyle and fashion. The company predicts colors, silhouettes, fabrics, accessories and trends that will grow in popularity one to three years in advance. WGSN does pretty amazing work and their Instagram account is no different! Full of bright vibrant color, it’s hard not to notice one of their posts whenever you open the app. Although it is a lifestyle and fashion company, WGSN’s Instagram posts incorporate so much more, including art, nature and architecture. Go become one of their 297k followers — you won’t regret it!- Justin Ashwell | Managing Partner


One known fact about me is that I absolutely love food and will try anything! Like many others, I love watching Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos. I have recently gotten more into cooking and trying new recipes, and their posts give me a lot of ideas and tips! I also appreciate the new feature on Instagram that enables you to save posts for later because I can easily save recipe videos that I want to try later. I originally saw their posts on Facebook a few years ago; but now that Instagram allows videos to be a minute long instead of 15 seconds, I tend to use their Instagram account as inspiration instead because it’s easier to scroll and find what you are looking for. The fact that they have 23.8 million followers makes it obvious that this account is a must-follow! – Chloe Gilfoil | PR & Visual Communications Intern