About PRIME Real Estate

When personal selling and marketing come together they become a powerful force. This stays true for the real estate industry as well. However, most realtors, brokers, developers, complexes and communities, and firms tend to not have time to fully run marketing campaigns that contribute enough to become a powerful force. To solve this pain point, we’ve created valuable packages for professionals in the real estate industry that offer the right marketing, advertising and public relations tactics it takes to grow your personal brand, show listings, attract clients, and sell. Use our PRIME Real Estate service to help sell your prime real estate.

How do you know if PRIME Real Estate is right for you?

If you ask yourself just one of these questions and the answer is “no”, then we can help you:
1. Are you spending enough time on your marketing, advertising and creative to see the impact and ROI?
2. Are you aware of how to fully utilize social media for brand building and awareness?
3. Do you know how to directly target potential clients through Facebook advertising?
4. Do you posses a marketers’ personality rather than a salesman’s personality?
5. Are your marketing efforts integrated and consistent?
6. Do you have an overall marketing strategy?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, no worries! We’ll walk you through what we can do for you.



What We Can Do For You


Social Media

Social Media Management

Generate interest and leads by taking your social media to the next level with frequently posted organic content and fan engagement to develop prospects that will help lead to customer relationships. We’ll utilize all viable platforms to get your services and listed homes to potential clients.

Video Production

Video Production

Videos are the most viewed and shared content on the internet right now. We’ll use video to show fans and prospects compelling messages, home layouts, and informational videos so your content is viewed and shared more.

email & newsletter

Email Marketing & Newsletters

Email and newsletters are a good way to increase inbound prospects, convey the message you want to tell, and share new listings and open house events. Email can also be an excellent vehicle for content distribution and prospect engagement.


Digital Targeted Ads

Digital ads are a great way to target specific target segments for properties, open houses, and general brand awareness. Utilization of search engine marketing, social media advertisements and influencers all contribute to digital advertising.


Ad & PR

Public Relations & Advertising

Public relations is an excellent means to get your name and brand out to the community. Local events, awards, and press hits contribute to this. Advertising planning and placement in traditional force is also still a critical way to market a listing and yourself.


Creative Development

Attractive graphics will catch attention; so, don’t pass up the opportunity. Allow us to be your one-stop shop for flyers, brochures and web graphics so the messaging and design is consistent and integrated.



Actionable data is vital in determining if your current marketing tactics are successful or need to be revised. We will provide analytic reports that will help you understand your current campaigns, efforts, time and resources.




Who Can Benefit From These Services


Marketing Managers

Real Estate Firms
Complexes & Communities

Type of Prop
New Developments
Residential Property
Commercial Property


Packages and Pricing


Silver Package


per month
What’s Included:
Social media management
1 Video or 2 blog posts
1 Newsletter
1 Email marketing campaign
Creative services – brochures & flyers
Analytics reports and recaps

This package is ideal for a realtor or broker that is looking to build their professional brand, get their name to the public, and increase digital media efforts.


This package is perfect for realtors with a large portfolio of listings, firms that want to brand build. Realtors, firms or brokers who want to one-up the competition with their marketing and advertising efforts will also benefit from this package.

Gold Package


per month
What’s Included:
Social media management
2 Videos per month or 4 blog posts
1 Newsletter
2 Email campaigns
Advertising planning & buying
Creative services – brochures & flyers
Digital Targeted Advertising
Analytic reports and Recaps



Platinum Package


per month
What’s Included:
Social media management
2 Videos per month and 4 blog posts
1 Newsletter
3 Email campaigns
Advertising planning & buying
Full public relations services
Creative services – brochures & flyers
Digital Targeted Advertising
Analytic reports and recaps

This package will take developers, complexes and communities to another level. Market your next development from the get-go and have more leases and/or sales before construction is complete. Not a developer? We’ll make sure our marketing efforts keep your community and complexes full year round.



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