The Team at The PRIME Factory
The Team at The PRIME Factory

We live in a world where our mobile apps, internet searches, social media, computers, television and shopping experiences are bombarded with content. Content gets your products and stories to consumers without using paid advertisements that are seen as spam. More importantly, branded content unique to your brand, company, and product will guide you right past the competition in the race to get the conversion.

What We Do

  • Editorial Content Calendar Planning
  • Blog Writing
  • Website Content Writing
  • Content Distribution and Email Marketing
  • Printed Content and Marketing Collateral
  • Visual Content for Social Media and Websites

The fun thing about content is that it isn’t enough to just have content. It’s not enough to have branded content either. Your content has to be customer-focused and your digital content has to be SEO-focused in order to drive website traffic and conversions. We, at The PRIME Factory, have been creating content for a variety of clients ranging from fashion and real estate to manufacturing and nonprofits for websites, social media, blogs, and emails. You need a PR firm that knows how to develop the content, distribute the content and integrate the content—and we can do just that!