Digital Influencers for Fashion

Now don’t get us wrong, we firmly believe that television, newspaper, magazine and radio press still have a place in this world, but influencer marketing opens up a whole new world of press opportunities from direct-to-consumer sources. Capitalizing on a blogger, Instagrammer or YouTuber’s established fan base is a quick, easy and consumer-trusted way to increase your brand awareness, increase website traffic and increase conversions.

What We Do

  • Influencer Relationship Building
  • Influencer Database Building and Maintenance
  • Organic Influencer Outreach for Product Placement
  • Paid Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  • Influencer Analytic Tracking
  • Influencer Campaign Monitoring

At The PRIME Factory, we’ve helped companies from fashion brands and high-end apparel boutiques to nonprofits and consumer packaged goods companies find influencers, build relationships, implement campaigns and track and monitor those campaigns. Small or large, influencer marketing has proven to be a beneficial method of increasing social media following, website traffic, and brand awareness.