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As more and more marketing strategies shift from the traditional television and print advertisements and towards social media-focused efforts, one of America’s oldest industries can benefit greatly from this shift. Social media has numerous benefits for an industry such as the spirits industry, which markets itself to social situations. Below are several benefits of social media in promoting the spirits industry.


Whether it’s a club event sponsored by a spirits company or a new distillery opening, social media offers the platform to share events with a wide audience. Features such as Facebook’s Events allow companies to not only target who they want to attend their events but also have friends of their target group view the event as a “Suggested Event Near You.” These type of features give companies the opportunity to reach target audiences more effectively than ever before.


An important aspect of any company is maintaining a positive reputation. Social media makes this aspect even more of an imperative with the use of Facebook Reviews and apps such as Yelp. Facebook Reviews allow consumers to view a company’s audience rating on the company’s Facebook page. This means it is more important than ever to maintain a positive reputation so that consumers immediately associate the company name with positivity.


Not only can social media provide spirits companies with an outlet to draw consumers to their events and submit positive reviews but it also is an opportunity to connect with consumers on a new level. Popular drink mixology Facebook accounts such as The Tipsy Bartender offer consumers new ideas of how to use spirits while introducing them to new products. This opportunity allows spirits companies to connect with consumers on a more personal level than marketing strategies typically permit by having a popular account, person or internet celebrity endorsing the product without a marketing pitch.

By: Emily McBride, Marketing Communication Intern