Fashion Social Media
As social media continues to grow as a staple of communication in modern life, there’s one industry that can benefit greatly from its rise. Social media’s place as an important communication tool is positive news for a visually dependent industry such as the fashion industry. Not only does social media allow fashion companies to connect with their consumers in an entirely different way than ever before but it also provides consumers an opportunity to discover more products. Below are our tips on how fashion companies can make social media work for them.

1. Exclusivity for Followers

One feature of social media that can create a meaningful connection with customers is offering exclusive sales and giveaways to followers. Requiring customers to first follow a company in order to gain access to sales and giveaways not only increases a company’s following but it also makes customers feel that they have a level of exclusivity with the company.
Social media outlets such as Instagram are particularly useful for this feature because it is a follower-based outlet. Snapchat is another outlet that offers exclusivity in that customers have to be following an account in order to see any of their posts.

2. Sales Announcements

As more people move away from emailing and towards texting and social media, announcing sales promotions on social media. By doing so, customers do not have to check a website or their email in order to be updated about a sales promotion but can simply be scrolling through their news feed and come across a sales announcement. This also allows companies to access more customers, such as customers who may not be aware of the company but come across a promoted post on social media about their sale.

3. Snapchat Live

The introduction of Snapchat Live to the fashion world means accessibility. Once, fashion week was an exclusive event for only the elite but with the use of Snapchat Live, anyone has the ability to watch the Gigi Hadid strut down the runway in her new collection with Tommy Hilfiger. Snapchat Live keeps fashion addicts up to date on new trends and allows companies another outlet to market to customers.

By: Emily McBride, Marketing Communications Intern