Podcasts have earned a huge wave of popularity in the past 5 years. Americans are ditching television and music for a new type of media. Our PRIME team is no different. Podcasts are portable, educational, and just plain fun. Explore which podcasts are most popular in the PRIME office and take a listen to judge for yourself!

This American Life

This American Life explores every sort of theme you could think of. If you can think of a random topic, chances are This American Life has done a podcast on it. I like listening to This American Life because you really never know what you might get, but you are guaranteed an interesting listen. No matter the topic, however, you are sure to come out the other side with exponentially more knowledge on that topic than you had in the first place. Sometimes I’m in the mood to explore some areas of the political landscape that I don’t know very well, and sometimes I’m in the mood to learn about what happens when a flute player steals a million dollars worth of dead birds! No matter the mood, This American Life is there to educate and entertain. It has yet to disappoint. – Rosie Hutchison | Marketing & Communications Intern

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Everyone loves a good, well-earned success story, right? It is the American dream after all! How I Built This with Guy Raz allows listeners an in-depth look into these stories through dialogue between today’s successful entrepreneurs and Guy himself. From fashion companies and Silicon Valley startups to burritos and ice cream, this podcast has an entrepreneurial success story for everyone to enjoy and be inspired by! Some of my favorite episodes are “Kate Spade: Kate & Andy,” “TOMS: Blake Mysockie,” and “Warby Parker: Dave Gilboa & Neil Blumenthal.” – Justin Ashwell | Managing Partner

The Lady Gang

My favorite podcast to listen to is The Lady Gang, featuring actress Becca Tobin, television host and journalist Keltie Knight, and fashion entrepreneur Jac Vanek. Every week, the ladies produce two podcasts, typically highlighting interviews with famous (mostly female) celebrities, authors, entrepreneurs, gurus and more. I love this podcast because the hosts are authentic and relatable to the point where I feel like I’m listening to my own friends bantering back and forth about all my favorite topics. Becca, Keltie and Jac aren’t afraid to speak their truth. Quite frankly, they inspire me to say and do the things I want to do without fear of judgment. I highly recommend The Lady Gang to anyone looking for a podcast that’s hilarious, real, empowering and entertaining! – Megan Finkbeiner | Account Manager

From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl

The podcasts I listen to are very much story-based. I really love From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen. She shares her life stories and the lessons that came out of them. Listening never fails to put me in an uplifting and positive mood. She is a social media goddess who grew her own spotlight and started a yoga movement through her millions of followers. She started her own yoga studio and name brand in Aruba which is “goals” to say the least. She is very open with the public and loves to share her story, explaining how yoga has changed her life and how it has helped her cope with difficult life events. Although she discusses weighty topics with guests such as the “Me Too” movement, she also has lighter episodes where she hosts her husband and toddler as guests on the podcast. Together, the family answers questions from fans. Rachel is incredibly real and relatable and has some amazing stories to share. Listen and check out her Instagram! She’s truly inspiring. – Chloe Gilfoil | PR & Visual Communications Intern

Stuff You Should Know

Hosted by Chuck Bryant and John Clark, Stuff You Should Know educates the public on some of the most fascinating, and sometimes the most random, topics. I am one of those people who loves learning about interesting, yet helpful, topics, so this podcast is the perfect fit for me. Chuck and John cover just about anything and everything you can think of and do so in a way that is short, sweet, and to the point. They put things into layman’s terms to make everything easily digestible and to get you thinking about topics you wouldn’t normally think about. You’ll be surprised by how their fun personalities and interesting takes on things keep your brain hungry for more! This podcast is the perfect way to make education entertaining while blissfully leaving the monotonous classroom setting behind. – Courtney Morrill | Marketing & Communications Intern