Optimizing E-Commerce Conversions for Apparel Retailers
Most of the time, it is a lot easier to order clothes online than take the time to go to the mall. According to Mintel, a leading market intelligence agency, over two-thirds of Americans shop online at least monthly. With that being said, it is extremely important that your website is designed to optimize conversions and provide the shopper with an experience. Here are some apparel-specific tips and tricks to increase e-commerce sales on your website.

When you walk into a store, you first see promotional graphics and signs with the store’s latest deals. You want your website to do the same. Grab the attention of your consumers with eye catching banner photos with easy to read information about deals that apply to them. Customers will either be on your site to browse or they will have something specific they need in mind. Cater to both types of customers with accessible and appropriate tabs that allow your customers to find exactly what they need as they move through your website.

Call your customers to action. Make the “add to cart” button a contrasting color and make it visually large. It’s all about the visual appeal and having this important button stand out on the page that could make a difference in the amount of people who convert.

Make your images larger than the text describing the clothing. Usually, the image is what captures the consumer and makes them want to buy in the apparel and fashion industry. After they see and like the image, then they want to learn more about it by reading the specifics about the product. Therefore, the text is secondary information and the image should be the primary element on the page.

Try not to make customers create accounts online. This tip definitely depends on what type of company you have but often times, sales are lost because of the lengthy process of creating accounts. Consumers already have too many accounts on numerous sites and sales are often lost at this step in the purchasing process. Allow them to check out as a guest or sign in through Facebook.

Customers also tend to add things to their cart and then leave the site—the dreaded “cart abandonment” all online retailers dread—the equivalent to leaving the product in the dressing room then leaving. Don’t be afraid to set up an email that goes out to the customer reminding them of what they left in their cart. Maybe throw in a small discount to persuade them to come back and finish their purchasing process. This small gesture can sometimes be exactly what the customer needs to finish the purchase. This can easily be done through pixel retargeted ads.

Finally, be up front with costs. Consumers frequently will not go through with a purchase because the sales tax and shipping ends up making the purchase more than the consumer wants to spend. If you do not wait until the end of the buying process to add in all the extra costs, consumers will know what they are spending before they have time to reconsider. They are also more likely to purchase as this “surprise” cost is no eliminated.

By: Elizabeth Coakley, PR and Marketing Assistant