With the takeover of the Internet, advertising has changed dramatically in the past 30 years. The industry has moved from more traditional means such as print, television and radio to social media and internet advertisements. Between 2014 and 2019, it is estimated that the world will move from spending $135 billion to over $240 billion in 2019. Both mediums want the same outcome, to engage customers, but they deliver their messages in different ways.

The reason for traditional mediums not being able to keep up with the digital age is because customers are wanting to be heard now more than ever. It takes a lot more work to communicate back with a company after seeing a traditional advertisement, so, consumers naturally gravitate and prefer new advertising options where their voices can be heard immediately. Think of digital advertising as word-of-mouth marketing on a huge scale that is shared over and over again. Getting people who already love your brand to tell their friends how much they love it through something such as a post share is a natural way to get more reach that wouldn’t happen through traditional means.

This new way of communicating with consumers also allows higher levels of personalization than ever before. Being able to use analytics lets digital advertisers know if and how to better reach their target customers better and makes sure their advertising dollars are going to the right platforms; this is not as easy with traditional advertising mediums.

Not only is the industry going digital, but it’s also going mobile. 2015 was the first year that mobile advertising spent more than desktop advertising. It’s predicted that the amount spent on mobile marketing will increase by almost 70% by 2019. Think about how many things people use their phones for and how often they use them, this is the main reason mobile marketing is so effective.

Traditional marketing is not dead by any stretch. It will have to adapt and continue to take losses as digital takes over, but it will not completely go away anytime soon. No one can predict the future of an industry that changes as quickly as advertising, so the best thing to do is find a balance for your company. Know your customers and know the best ways to reach them. This will probably mean striking a balance between traditional and non-traditional forms of advertising and always being ready to change to best meet your customers’ needs.

By: Kylie Rudder, Account Management Intern