Google has released the Google Pixel and the Pixel Xl. A much anticipated launch from the company that confirmed largely circulated leaks. The phones feature a 12.3-megapixel rear camera, better screens and battery, along with fast charging. Google Assistant is also being introduced on the Pixel, providing an interactive way to communicate with the device. Some other features include unlimited storage of full-resolution photos and video and a night light feature that cuts down on the amount of blue light the screen emits.

In a launch videos, Google uses the simplistic and clean strategy that Apples uses in its commercials. It also uses a cough sound when showing their headphone jack, something that Apple has recently come under fire for removing in the release of the IPhone 7.

Hate it

The fact that Google is having to copy Apple’s marketing and then talk poorly about Apple’s recent iPhone 7 to try and sell its new phone not only makes me question the quality of their product but also their ethical standards. From a company as big and powerful as Google, I’d expect more.

Using a commercial similar to Apple’s video promotions only shows a lack of creativity, rather than for Google to showcase their own product’s new features. The commercial itself screams that Google wants to be Apple, while the subtle digs waste time that could be used to promote Google. The cough to draw attention to the headphone jack on the Pixel and drive people away from the IPhone 7, that is sans headphone jack, just proves that Google had nothing better to showcase but a basic feature.

Google, bring me a phone that you have so much confidence in you don’t need to talk down about your competition in order to sell it.

By Kylie Rudder, Account Management Intern

Love it

Google’s advertisement for their first smartphone, Pixel is an obvious jab at the iPhone 7, and it is brilliant. While Apple highlights what makes their new iPhone so much “better,” Google showcases the innovation and creative aspects that go into making a completely new phone from scratch.
The Pixel is strategically marketed to stand in opposition of Apple, and mock the various Apple iPhone models. Although both the iPhone 7 and Pixel looks fairly similar, the Google advertisement does a good job at highlighting the key differences that separate the Pixel from its IPhone competition.
The phone’s advertisement showcases the innovative aspects of the phone while poking fun at Apple. The most tongue-in-cheek aspect of the Pixel commercial is when it talks about the 3.5mm headphone jack included on the phone. This is included as an obvious jab, a nod to Apple’s controversial lack of headphone jack in the iPhone 7, and the company’s new wireless Air Pods.
In addition, the iPhone 7 commercial is filled with colorful scenes and voiceover. On the other hand, Pixel, Phone by Google’s commercial is simple with a white background and plain text. Furthermore, there is no voiceover, only music. This simplicity tactic is universal to all Google Products but it works. This tactic lets the product speak for itself.
The Pixel, Phone by Google’s marketing strategy surpasses Apple’s iPhone 7 commercial. The advertisement for the Pixel does a great job showing the audience the innovation and creativity that goes into making the new phone. In contrast, the iPhone 7 advertisement continues to be the same thing. Apple’s commercial stresses that the iPhone 7 is better than the iPhone 6; however, there is no standout aspect.

By Marissa Handerhan, Public Relations and Marketing Intern

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