social media marketing
Every small business owner can probably agree that they have been asked the question “Have you ever been contacted by a stranger promising cheap social media through an automation platform you’ve never heard of?” at least once in their career. In theory, this sounds great—automated social media posts that you don’t have to worry about taking the time to create yourself. In all actuality though, using these platforms is the opposite of what you should be doing on social media. Simply put, it’s bad marketing. Here’s why:

They cannot tell your story

Digital marketing lesson 101: When implementing any form of content marketing, social media, digital advertising or email marketing, the most important thing to keep in mind is your brand or professional story. Your story is the key to consumers’ hearts and their wallets—they want you to tell it and they want to listen. This can only be done by creating custom, unique social media content that is centered around your brand. Relying on third party automation companies to post content they find from random blogs, websites and other social media accounts does not tell you story. However, marketing agencies with actual social media specialists spend countless hours each month ensuring that posts tell your story as well as update your story while your brand grows and develops.

It is not analytic driven

At the end of the day, you can post 100 articles each day on social media and see little-to-no results if you’re not paying attention to your page’s analytics. These numbers and insights provide a vast amount of information on what type of content your followers are craving, what days and times they want to see content, and how often you should provide this content. When using automated social media platforms, you’re limiting yourself to their automation throwing a post up based on when it was queued compared to their 1000 other clients in a similar field. This can seriously hurt your total post and page reach as well as your engagement rates, which in turn can brutally hurt how social media platforms’ algorithms place your content in front of consumers.

Social media is engaging by nature, bots are not

Social media is both a marketing and public relations tool that allows you to engage with current customers, potential customers and internet followers. By nature of social media, it is quite literally supposed to be social in form. This means that you should have engaging content. That not only means having people like or comment on your posts, but you should also be replying to the comments left on your page. This is how successful social media is run; otherwise, there is little to no value or ROI in social media for brands.

Robots by nature, however, are not social and are created to do a job more efficiently, quickly and less expensive. This is great innovation for society, but bad innovation for social media affecting your bottom line.

The content is not always relevant or custom

Making sure your content is customized and relevant encompasses the three points above. Using social media is your time to shine; it’s your time to push out your branded content; and it’s your time to engage! Relevant content is an absolute must! If you’re a realtor in a small rural town, you shouldn’t be posting content about what to look for in homes in big cities. If your brand is a jean company, you should not be posting pictures of Starbucks coffee with no reference to jeans. This is not the type of content your followers want to see. If they wanted to see posts about homes in the city, they’d follow an account specific to big city real estate.

Automated social media platforms don’t allow for this. You sign up and check 10/30 boxes of content that supposedly goes with your brand, but really you’re getting posts that only somewhat fit that mold. These posts will lack in some capacity because the content is found based on keywords and tags rather than what your customers actually want to see.

By: Justin Ashwell, Partner