The PRIME Factory
Just because we have graduated college, or are about to, doesn’t mean that we’re allowed to slack when it comes to learning new tactics and strategies in marketing and public relations. It’s an ever changing field and, because of that, we like to keep reading away to learn everything we possibly can to make a better experience, strategy and results for our clients. Here are some of the books that we’re reading at The PRIME Factory this summer:

Everybody Writes by Anne Handley

This book has been an incredible reference for Justin throughout his time at the agency and in undergrad. With the book still being relevant to today’s marketplace, we’ve tasked the entire agency to read this book this summer to hone in on writing skills to maximize social writing, blog writing, content writing and public relations writing. This book takes you through the process of creating stories, telling those stories, editing them, mistakes marketers often use when writing, and taking those skills to apply them to marketing and public relations. The front cover says it all— “Your go-to guide to creating ridiculously good content”.

SEO 2017 by Adam Clarke

Just like previous years’ addition, SEO 2017 walks the reader through the ins-and-outs of search engine optimization and how to rank at the top of Google searches. It’s important to read each addition that comes at as algorithms change and the way you address those algorithms through website optimization is key to remaining at the top of search result. With a few dedicated SEO nerds in the office, we’re excited to delve into this book.

Digital Sense by Travis Wright and Chris Snook

This is a book not just devoted to the work of digital marketing, but how to use digital marketing to enhance the customer experience. For business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing firms, stores and/or brands, this book is a must-have. A product without a customer engagement and customer experience strategy is a product that will lack in long-term customer retention. From marketing technology to social media to overall business strategy, we’re taking on Digital Sense this summer to provide customer experience-focused marketing strategy to our B2C clients.

Pitch Perfect by Bill McGowan

A core service we provide to our clients is media relations. The monster of a tactic that falls under public relations can seem overwhelming to some, but we take pride in crafting the perfect pitch, press release, media advisory and opinion pieces for our clients to ensure they get as much press coverage as possible. That said, we have to be on top of our pitching game, and the more public relations becomes an automated field, it’s important to be able to convey a non-automated story to media.

By: Justin Ashwell, Partner