The PRIME Factory

Emily McBride graduated in Spring 2017 with a bachelor of arts degree in public relations. Since then, she’s moved on from Blacksburg and The PRIME Factory to begin her career in the exciting field of PR and marketing. Now that it’s been 5 months since graduation, we’re catching up with her and finding out where she is now and what she’s doing!

Q: When did you work at The PRIME Factory and in what role?
A: My senior year, fall 2016-spring 2017 as a Marketing Communications Intern

Q: Where do you currently work, in what city and what’s your title?
A: I am an Internet Media Specialist at Southern Shores Realty on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Q: How does your internship with The PRIME Factory help you in your current job?
A: I use skills I learned at PRIME everyday! From SEO, to blog writing, to using marketing programs, I’ve been able to bring a fresh perspective to my department.

Q: When you were at PRIME, one semester you worked on internal marketing and another semester you work on client marketing. What side prepared you the most for your current job?
A: Since I work in the realty industry now, the semester of client marketing was the most useful for me. Having the opportunity to create content for local realtors such as social media posts, blogs, and videos was great practice and definitely helped me land the job I have now.

Emily McBride, Internet Media Specialist, Southern Shores Realty
Q: What is your favorite form of digital content to consume personally?
A: Like most millennials, I’m on social media constantly. I love that it allows me to connect with people that I would otherwise never have had the opportunity to with traditional forms of media.

Q: What is your favorite form of digital content to create for your company’s followers?
A: I like writing blogs the most. I often have to go out into the community to explore and or interview local businesses for my research so it’s a lot of fun.

Q: Did you ever think you’d be working real estate marketing?
A: Not at all! I was planning to start off at an agency after graduation so that I could gain experience with various industries and clients rather than choosing one industry.

Q: Where do you see your career in five years?
A: Ideally, I want to be working with influencers in the fashion or beauty industry.

Q: Who is your favorite influencer, either on Instagram, Blog or YouTube and why?
A: I LOVE beauty YouTuber Jackie Aina. I’m not usually a huge fan of beauty product reviews because I find they can often be boring but she brings so much personality and life to her channel that I’ll watch her reviews of products that I have zero intention of purchasing.

Q: Name one aspect of your current job that you love and why you love it.
A: My company does travel real estate specifically, so a lot of my content focuses on the destination. That means I get to see a lot of the tourist attractions in the area (like the beach) and get paid for it!

Q: When you were at PRIME, you also worked on an apparel client. How does marketing a product differ from marketing a destination?
A: I think that with product marketing, you’re doing a lot more of molding an image and perception of your product. Especially with marketing apparel, a lot of your work goes into who you want your product to be associated with, i.e. cool girls, moms, preppy girls, etc. When it comes to marketing a destination, however, the focus is on telling a story and sharing an experience that people want.

Q: What advice would you give public relations students who aren’t sure what side of the field to go into?
A: I think it’s important to not limit yourself when you’re starting out. Explore the field with an open mind and see what side best suits you.

Q: Describe your journey from college to PRIME to your current job in 3 descriptors.
A: Stressful, challenging, exciting