Blacksburg…a small Virginia town tucked away off of I-81 in the Blue Ridge Mountains…a place we call home. Deciding to make Blacksburg The PRIME Factory’s home wasn’t a hard one. With many ties to the area, it was a natural fit now and will continue to be in the future. Here’s why Blacksburg will always be home.


Connections to the University

Most of our local clients know of our connections to Virginia Tech; however, our out-of-town clients may not be aware that both of PRIME’s partners have a direct tie to the local university. Justin, managing partner, is an alumnus of the Pamplin College of Business at VT; while Ron Poff, advising partner, is an instructor in the department of management in the Pamplin College of Business. With a passion for all things maroon and orange, it made perfect sense to plant our company’s office just a mile from the university – within the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center.

A Place of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Inspiring stories of entrepreneurial success are what impressed PRIME’s partners the most in regards to the area. Blacksburg may seem like a small, rural town in the mountains to many, but the area is actually becoming a hub for young entrepreneurial minds and innovating fields in medicine and technology. This entrepreneurial spark, in addition to the strong support of the community, led both Ron and Justin to build their business in the heart of Blacksburg.

Up and Coming Talent

As an alumnus of VT, Justin recognizes the potential, dedication and fresh perspective that eager VT students can bring to the creative and collaborative environment of The PRIME Factory. The PRIME Factory hires a handful of interns each semester to allow VT students to gain real-world experience by working hands-on with our clients. Since the marketing and public relations fields prove to be ever-changing, the interns’ fresh insights and perspectives are unparalleled to any mega-research firm’s data set.

Many living outside of the area do not understand why a marketing and public relations firm is located in a small town like Blacksburg and not a larger city where there is more access to clientele. But the truth of the matter is that we fully intend to grow PRIME’s business into new markets and cities, as evident in our decision to open a pop-up office in Charlotte, NC in 2017. However, as made clear in the reasons above, Blacksburg will always be The PRIME Factory’s home base. Thanks to technological advancements today, most work, communication, and collaboration can be completed both digitally and remotely, so regardless of where our clients are based, there is no reason to not to call Blacksburg home.